Hiring: Management & Label Co-ordinator

Management & Label Co-ordinator

Artist Management
- Day-to-day administration for the Management roster
- Disseminating pertinent information to publicists, booking agents, publishers and international labels
- Tour logistics and budgeting, hire tour personnel as required
- Booking accommodations, travel and rentals
- Merchandise orders and shipments
- AtVenu/Soundscan venue sales reporting

Grant Writing & Completion
- Assist when needed with: submissions and Completions for FACTOR, Starmaker, OMF, Canada Council For The Arts and other funding bodies
- Ensuring eligibility requirements are met
- FACTOR artist profile updates

- Create and execute marketing plans
- Manage marketing budgets with respect to funding guidelines
- Create marketing assets and outsource as needed
- Monitor social media for opportunities

Label Administration

- Product management for label artists
- Oversee production of new releases
- Liaison for artists, managers, publicists and booking agents
- Coordinate release plans with international labels and distributors
- Maintain database of assets (press, videos, audio, images)

Skills: Understanding of the Canadian music industry and funding organizations. Familiar with online and retail promotion. 1- 2 years + in a music industry position or related field.

Please send cover letter and resume to info@outside-music.com with the subject line  “Management & Label Co-ordinator”