Wayne Petti

Principal songwriter, vocalist and guitarist for Cuff the Duke; keyboardist and occasional vocalist for The Hylozoists; and now with the upcoming release of City Lights Align on Outside: “solo” artist., Wayne Petti.

Cuff the Duke headed to Toronto from Oshawa in the summer of 2002 with Life Stories for Minimum Wage on Three Gut (now getting its 2nd release via Outside Feb 13th.).

“…an ambitious and confident debut. Wayne Petti’s distinctive voice pierces though great washes of spacey guitars and keyboards” ~ Exclaim

2005’s highly-praised/self-titled Cuff the Duke on Hayden’s Hardwood imprint (Universal) will be followed by a new Cuff album currently being recorded for fall release.

“Singer/guitarist Wayne Petti and his bandmates remain at their rollicking, infectious best hammering out twangy, unpretentious rock.” ~ Toronto Star

The Hylozoists released their primarily instrumental debut on Boompa/EMI this past summer. Wayne both recorded and toured the album.

“Harmonically challenging, sustained, trance-like post-rock instrumentals. **** ~Uncut

So, amongst all of that, Wayne wrote an additional dozen or so songs, hooked up with producer Paul Aucoin and recorded the wonderful City Lights Align, scheduled for release on March 6th.

Upon completion of the Cuff the Duke recording sessions, Wayne will play club and festival dates this spring/summer.