The Super Friendz

The Super Friendz were known as a band that flourished during the peak years of the Halifax Pop Explosion, released two albums and an EP to acclaim, went through a Spinal-Tapesque succession of drummers, and broke up unceremoniously in 1997.

That seemed to be the end of it after 4 years of intensive music making and touring until, February 2003, when they decided to write some songs and record them for the hell of it. Even six months ago the possibility of another Super Friendz record seemed inconceivable to the former members of the band. The subject was broached in the afterglow of a Christmas reunion show and dismissed out of hand: guitarist Matt Murphy’s other band, The Flashing Lights, was on the front burner; guitarist Drew Yamada, bassist Charles Austin and original drummer Dave Marsh all had plenty of other commitments; school, kids, jobs, playing in bands (Neuseiland, Buck 65, and The Joel Plaskett Emergency), and watching hockey.

Yet, in a bizarre and storied turn of events, the original lineup of the reformed in the winter of 2003 to record an album in an explosion of bonhomie and late night debauchery. The results far exceeded expectations. The aptly titled Love Energy is their first release since 1997′s Slide Show.

Present on the new release is the sense of fun that had been absent since 1996′s Dungeons and Dragons-fixated EP Play the Game Not Games and 1995′s Juno-nominated Mock Up/Scale Down. In February, the band convened in February at Austin’s tiny Ultramagnetic Studio. Musical Director and recordist this time around was Ian McGettigan (Thrush Hermit), an old friend of the band, who helped meld the disparate songwriting styles and influences of SFZ into a sound that combines, among other things, scads of harmonies, the melodic aggression of the early Who, and the pulse of Neu and the Fall. The band worked hard and had a very enjoyable time making the record. The whole became way more than the sum of the parts.
Love Energy…ignore at your peril.