Sunparlour Players

Ontario trio Sunparlour Players (Andrew Penner, Michael “Rosie” Rosenthal and Dennis Van Dine) have been captivating audiences for 4 years with their incredible live performances. On October 18th, they are set to release their latest album Us Little Devils (Outside Music) and without a doubt, it is their most diverse and strongest effort to date.

Us Little Devils sees the band continuing to expand their sound, embracing both electronic and pop influences. Recorded between an old schoolhouse in Stratford and the Lincoln County Social Club Studio in Toronto, it is also their first recording that features just the three members. “We wanted to capture the energy of the three of us in a room with no distractions”, says Penner. To help achieve this, the band brought on Chris Stringer (Timbre Timber, Ohbijou, Rush) to produce. Stringer found a bridge between folk, punk, electro, and gospel that sees the band stretching out from the confines of folk and rock. The songs are joyful and challenging, playful and surprising. This is music that brings you to the edge of breakdown and bliss. Download the track “Green Thumb” below for a first listen!

The new album “has colours of what we are, but it’s also us looking out into new directions” muses Penner. For the better part of 2011, Andrew has been performing in The Grapes Of Wrath at the prestigious Stratford Festival. “Being immersed daily in the words of Steinbeck pushed me to find textures with words and sounds, but then to write and deliver them in a raw, direct way. And really I think that’s something that the Sunparlour’s try to do on record and with our live show. Be direct.”

Extensive touring over the past few years, including gigs with Mumford & Sons, Blue Rodeo, and Plants & Animals, as well as their own headlining schedule of shows in barns, backyards, theatres, and clubs have won the band fans, converts and accolades across the country. On stage, Sunparlour Players take their fans through a roller coaster of emotion and energy, thunderous stomping one moment and delicate strumming the next, always backed by the band’s boundless energy. Us Little Devils is the at home version of a Sunparlour Players show. Enjoy the ride.