Rebekah Higgs

“Higgs crafts warm, willowy sounds over dreamy, confessional lyrics. But what sets Higgs apart is her predilection for mixing acoustic balladry with synthesized flourishes—call it folktronica. The fiddle-fueled opener “Parables” features cascading vocal loops, while the buzzing “Apples” may owe something to Higgs’ role in the trip-hop project Ruby Jean and the Thoughtful Bees. Compelling lyrics + experimental arrangements = another adventurous Canadian artist.”
– Nicholas Jennings, Inside Entertainment

“One of the coolest new voices I’ve heard lately belongs to Halifax singer-songwriter Rebekah Higgs; aching and a little world weary on songs like Winding Watch and Love Is, she’s a strong entry into the world of East Coast pop chanteuses.”
– Stephen Cooke, Halifax Chronicle Herald

Rebekah Higgs blazed the folk-electronic scene with a spectacular self-titled debut album. It would be easy to compare her to artists like Feist, but her voice (at once an “old soul” creak and a childlike breathiness) is purely her own. Using electronic flourishes and looping lyrics, Higgs builds complex but fragile songs.

“I’ve got so much to tell you,” she declares early into the gorgeously simple, yet haunting, self-titled album-opener “Parables”. Those six words are all you need to know about the debut from an artist who has come to making and performing music; incorporating qualities of old with characteristics of the new, creating a familiar yet wholly original sound.

Hailing from Halifax , Nova Scotia the 24-year-old Higgs’ self-titled disc presents a singer songwriter to watch. The Halifax-bred musician plays within the borders of folk-tinged yet she isn’t afraid to infuse her work with experimentation, incorporating vocal loops and electronic flourishes like her musical inspirations Bjork and Radiohead.

Recorded with Joydrop’s Thomas Rider Payne over an intensely busy three weeks in Toronto, Rebekah Higgs is the tip of the iceberg of what this talented songwriter has in store for a long career ahead. Her material is steeped in melody, showcasing her often witty, perceptive tales, while the layered production provides a complexity that invites listeners to come back again for repeat listens. This is music to knit impossibly long scarves to.