Pink Mountaintops

Stephen McBean, best known for Vancouver collective Black Mountain, has resurrected Pink Mountaintops in his new home base of Los Angeles, and the results are an exploration and celebration of what rock ‘n’ roll can be.

Get Back is inspired by “Alleys, curbs, walls, and cigarette-stained gig flyers. An island on the Pacific coast. Fake British towns. Slayer posters. The beauty of youth. It’s about listening to ‘Driver’s Seat’ and ‘Guns of Brixton’ and hotboxing The Duster.”

Los Angeles brought its finest talent into the Pink Mountaintops orbit, so in addition to Annie Hardy (Giant Drag) and the great J MascisGet Back features Rob Barbato (Darker My Love, The Fall, Cass McCombs), Steve Kille (Dead Meadow), Daniel Allaire (Brian Jonestown Massacre, and Gregg Foreman (Cat Power, Delta 72).

Randal Dunn (SunnO))), Earth, SunCity Girls, Boris) mixed Get Back at Avast! Studios (Bikini Kill, Mudhoney, Christ On A Crutch, Soundgarden) in Seattle. Howie Weinburg (Nirvana, Beastie Boys, Danzig, Ramones, Slayer) mastered it in Laurel Canyon.

Get Back is out on April 29th on Outside Music in Canada.