John Doe and The Sadies

The Sadies most recent collaboration will be released on April 14th on the Outside Music label. Country Club sees Canada’s hardest working band team up with John Doe (X, Knitters) for an album of classic country covers with tunes by Merle Haggard and Waylon Jennings and late-night ballads by Tammy Wynette and Roger Miller. The album also features four originals – three from The Sadies and one courtesy of X songwriting duo John Doe and Exene Cervenka.

By including songs from varying movements within the country music pantheon, Doe and The Sadies were able to cover their heroes while filtering the pop sensibilities of 60s Nashville through the electric honky tonk of Bakersfield, CA. The album is driven by Doe’s singular vocals, the dueling thousand pound chops of the guitar-wielding Good brothers and The Sadies’ world class rhythm section of Mike Belitsky and Sean Dean. The album also plays host to a number of guest appearances from the likes of Kathleen Edwards, Bob Egan as well as Bruce and Margaret Good.

“Country Club is the result of a drunken promise or threat I made to Travis & Dallas [Good, of The Sadies] the first night we played together in Toronto. These happen all the time but it’s rare that anyone remembers them the morning after, let alone follows through and makes it a reality. I’m really glad we did,” chuckles John Doe about the series of events that led to his new project.