Video: The Hidden Cameras’ “Carpe Jugular”

Still from the Hidden Cameras' new music video for "Carpe Jugular"

Still from the Hidden Cameras’ new music video for “Carpe Jugular”

How to Heal Shattered Hearts & Broken Bones:

The Hidden Cameras debuted the new music video for “Carpe Jugular“, from the January 2014 release AGE. The video’s director, Kai Stänicke, lifts the fog of war on the fevered combat zone of the neighbourhood night club. Set in neon-soaked metropolitan backdrop equal-parts Toronto and Berlin, patrons wrestle with taboos of modern love, where flippancy has replaced flirtation and hook-ups are just another form of back-stabbing.

View the full video on the VICE music site Noisey, and check below for the Hidden Cameras’ upcoming tour dates across Europe:

The Hidden Cameras Tour

Video: Pink Mountaintops’ “Second Summer of Love”

The Pink Mountaintops have released a video for “Second Summer of Love”, the latest single from the Polaris Long List‘ed album Get Back out on Outside Music. Director Brook Linder is the maestro of the video’s unbridled energy with scenes of skateboards on fire, minor-league mailbox baseball, and indifference in the face of the world’s demise. Linder had this to say about the process behind the video which debuted this morning on Entertainment Weekly:

“We started with this insane image: looking at a flaming kick flip from an impossible angle, and worked backwards from there. Much of the focus was just creating a collage of textures grabbed from rolling around with this skate crew in the Midwest. The song is totally Stephen’s anthem for a very particular time and place – we took those images and twisted them out into a montage of youthful energy, the good and the bad.”

Get Back was recently featured on the long list for this year’s Polaris Music Prize. Check out the rollicking video for “Second Summer of Love” now on YouTube.

Released Today: Jill Barber’s Fool’s Gold


Cover art for Jill Barber’s Fool’s Gold, released today on Outside Music

Today, we’re excited to release Jill Barber’s new full-length album Fool’s Gold, available now in Canada via the Outside Music store and on iTunes. Jill’s distinct, evocative voice soars over songs inspired by doo-wop rhythms and country ballads, evoking feelings of a bygone era:

“I can’t help but feel nostalgic for other eras of music. When I listen to Etta James, or Ray Charles or Carole King, I feel almost intoxicated. It stirs something in me. When I write my own music, my greatest hope is that it ends up becoming the perfect soundtrack to some great romance, or at the very least a great cocktail party.”

Jill’s songs have always set a romantic mood, and on Fool’s Gold, the romance is still very much alive, but she also introduces a new sexy Motown-inspired sound on the lead single “Broken for Good.”

“What I love about Motown is that it knows exactly how to deliver a message: with a strong backbeat, punctuated by horns, a driving bass line and an immediate pop appeal. It will ultimately get inside your soul but first it’ll just make you want to move your body.”

Follow Jill on Twitter @JillBarber, Facebook, and check out her full summer & fall tour dates across Canada below


Win 2 VIP Passes to Justin Rutledge in Niagara


Jackson-Triggs Winery are offering Justin Rutledge fans the chance to win a unique ‘getaway’ package to see his performance at the beautiful outdoor amphitheatre on July 26 at Niagara-on-the-Lake, alongside Lindi Ortega. Justin recently released his Daredevil album, a collection of stripped-down Tragically Hip songs, as well as the Juno Award-winning Valleyheart on Outside Music. The winner of the getaway package receives:

  2 VIP seats to the Justin Rutledge & Lindi Ortega show on July 26
  Dinner for 2 in the vineyard
  1 night accommodation at the White Oaks Resort & Spa

For entry to win, send an e-mail to with the subject line: “Justin at Jackson-Triggs”